I was born in 1976 Luton Bedfordshire, my father used to tell me stories from his own imagination about fairies and hob goblin’s.
My world I lived in as a child was filled with adventure, my garden was a magical place for me filled with fairies and wonder. Fuelled from my father’s own imagination to mine.

What I was experiencing was far greater. I watched my father build a rockery with all beautiful plants in-between them. He told me never to walk there as tiny fairy’s live in there. Of a night I used to stare out of my window and I’m sure I used to see a tiny light’s moving, as a child of four or five I was hoping to catch a glimpse of these tiny, beautiful fairies. My father had told me so much about.

To him they were just stories to keep me from walking on his plants or not touching a toadstool but to me they were real.

I lived in a complete fantasy world as a youngster. My childhood was amazing.

Little did I realise that my father fuelling my imagination would lead me to becoming a fantasy writer later in my life. My mum used to read me stories from the Author Beatrix potter about Benjamin bunny it was then I wanted to become like her.
As I grew older and went to secondary school, I had my first story published in our school magazine, to tell you the truth I didn’t realise the school even had a magazine. Thinking about it now I should have got a copy of it but at the age of 14 it never entered my mind.

By the time I had left school I went to work in our local church playgroup I loved it I was able to tell lots of children my stories from my own imagination. It wasn’t long before I went to college for a diploma in childcare. Working in different schools taking my stories with me. I would have different people say why do you write a book, but to me like Beatrix potter authors were special someone to look up to, so I would brush it off.

I later married and had four children later to be five. But at the time I only had four children. One sunny day I sat at my computer while watching my children play in the garden under our cherry tree. Suddenly my imagination kicked in I could see a tiny door appear in the trunk of the tree and so the Magical gate 1 was born.

I had included part of my childhood in there which makes it even more special to me, I asked my father one day as a child why there was so many rose petals on the ground my dad bent down to my level and whispered, “Well you see every time you see rose petals on the ground a fairy has just got married”. Wow to me as a young child my imagination went wild wondering what she looked like what dress she wore in-fact who was she.

I just had to use it in the Magical Gate book 1. My characters became so real to me that I could hear them see them which I kind of found disturbing until I went to writer’s conference where Julia Donaldson was the speaker, she had said the same thing happened to her.
I later went on to doing a writer’s course which I loved as it was run by authors themselves. I carried on writing the magical gate.

My favourite character is Brownie the mouse I based him off a hamster I had at the time running his wheel in my writing room.
He would be a fearless mouse while facing his own troubles as well. After it was finished, I went on to writing Shadow’s Revenge impacting more in-depth characters and a rather unusual twist plot for Thorn to find out.

I love writing I love how you go into your own little world a world of imagination. I encourage everyone to write. I have often said. " There is a book in everyone". Perhaps your autobiography for your children and grandchildren.